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Combi-ticket Keukenhof & bus Schiphol - Fast Track Entry picture

Combi-ticket Keukenhof & Bus Schiphol - Fast Track Entry


Skip the line entrance

Wheelchair accessible


Opening times: every day between 08:00 - 19:30
Best time to visit: 08:00 - 12:00


This good value combi-ticket gives you access to the park and is a valid ticket for the public transport between Schiphol and Keukenhof. Keukenhof is the most popular attraction of the Netherlands in the spring and how couldn’t it be? A spectacular garden with beautiful tulips and hyacinths. Here you will feast your eyes on the millions of colourful flowers. 


From Schiphol you need to catch bus No. 858 (Arriva bus company) to Keukenhof. From 24 March to May 16 2016 bus No. 858 will run directly to Keukenhof from Schiphol Airport. You can use this Combi-ticket on that bus and it drops you directly in front of the main entrance. The combi-ticket is also your entrance ticket for Keukenhof, so you can skip the line at the cash desk. This Combi-ticket can be used on a day of your choice during the season.


No children tickets available  

Public transport

Take bus No. 858 from Schiphol Airport, this bus will drive directly to Keukenhof. 

Opening hours

Daily: 08.00 - 19.30 h. OPEN: Mar 24 - May 16 2016

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 -  Bulgaria

24th April, 2015

I arrived early on the Airport and went to Keukenhof directly, which was really practical for me. Keukenhof was impressive! I have never seen something like this before.

 -  Netherlands

3rd May, 2016

Prachtige bloemen gezien en met het gezin een heerlijk dagje gehad. Super!

 -  Netherlands

3rd May, 2016

Heel mooi. Verscheidenheid aan bloemen. Schoon en netjes onderhouden.

 -  Netherlands

3rd May, 2016

Schoon park en mooi om te zien

 -  Netherlands

3rd May, 2016

Toen ik in Nederland ben gekomen, 6 jaar geleden, het was mijn drom om naartoe te gaan. Iedereen die in Nederland komt bezoekt dit plaats. Het is echt een prachtig plaats waar men kan echt genieten van de mooie kleuren. SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 -  Netherlands

3rd May, 2016

A pretty big area to see all the kinds of flowers including the tulips the Keukenhof is famous for, keeping you entertained for a good few hours. Every year has a different theme, with this year's theme ('16) being about the Dutch Golden Age. It can get very busy especially in the weekends, so I recommend going on a weekday if you have the opportunity. Another tip is to book combi tickets through the internet (bus+tickets or train+bus+tickets), it's cheaper and you don't have to wait in line at the entrance (though be aware the tickets need printing).

 -  United Kingdom

3rd May, 2016

Great place! A must see on your journey to Holland / Amsterdam. Sometimes it feels too busy, but still very enjoyable! Paying for parking when you get your tickets is the way to go. For photography lovers: you can get a lot of good tulip / flower close-up inside, if you feel the park is over-crowded!